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>> hello, i'm jay key hayward. hurricane earl is towards the east coast of the united states but it weakened to a category three storm this morning. however, that's not stopping local government officials from preparing for the worst. maryland governor o'malley met with his emergency management team. however, he is not calling for evacuations.
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>> we have to be on guard. these storms do damage, as we saw in hurricane isabel. >> with the storm coming, there's no better time than now to check your supplies and do you have an emergency plan? >> meanwhile, virginia governor mcdonald plans to declare an emergency in the commonwealth. that will allow the national guard and the state emergency personnel to have enough time to get in place, should the hurricane change course. hurricane watches have been issued for virginia. art howard has been looking at the maps and has the latest. howard? >> let's reiterate. yes, it's category 3, 125 miles per hour sustained wind. it's a little weaker but still a major hurricane. here's the hurricane warnings in eastern north carolina and you can see the entire outer banks to the state line.
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now, around here, hurricane -- south open but tidewater, norfolk and hampton roads up have to watch out. this is likely to be upgrade to a tropical storm warning, maybe tonight or tomorrow, as we get closer 24 hours out. those are the warnings as they stand now. the hurricane itself is well defined, impressive looking, color enhanced, you can see the clouds wrapping around the center. it has a chance to get stronger moving north and east. on 9 futurecast, you can see the storm skirting the coast and by midday friday, beginnings to pull north and east. heaviest around coastal areas. we may not have rain and we need train but this is a coastal storm, not so much here we'll have problem with the waves and beach erosion. category three storm through friday. it will pull out for the
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weekend but still a category three or two storm as it move in the midatlantic. i'll have more including the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you, howard. officials are planning to meet today and will brief the media this afternoon. we're in ocean city with the latest on conditions and preparations for that storm. scott, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, just like howard, the emergency managers at ocean city's emergency operations center are watching the forecast carefully. they're going to take a look at the midday forecast in a 1:00 meeting today and likely at the meeting they will make decisions here at ocean city along maryland's coast about whether or not to ratchet up the level of preparedness. right now they're preparing for the worst and hope for the best, as howard was just suggest, the stormtrack looks like it will be taken off the coast but the cone of indecision in those forecasts does cover ocean city so they are going to prepare for that
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today. right now, they're talking about the possibility of tropical storm force wind for a period of time on friday. some big sur of and maybe 2 or 3 inches of rain. they're hoping the storm will be moving very quickly and that will minimize the chance of serious beach erosion. one of the big problems they dealt with here last weekend with hurricane danielle, several hundred miles offshore, was big sur of and a lot of erosion on the beach that created dangerous conditions in the surf. one man did drown on saturday. his body still hasn't been found and there were a number of serious injury that occurred this week because the profile of the beach changed. it got steeper and with smaller waves coming in and crashing onto the sand, it's been dangerous so beach patrol is trying to keep people safe. they're watching the surf carefully. a beautiful day here and the forecast shows the storm is likely to pass by here quickly and skies will clear to present beautiful conditions for saturday, sunday, and monday, the holiday weekend.
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so here in ocean city, they're not only preparing for a storm but preparing for a lot of people to come flooding into town as soon as the skies clear and, of course, the surf will be rough at that time so that's something they will think about. energy briefing at 1:00 and they will make decisions. we'll have all the information for you later today on 9 news at 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 and well into the evening. live in ocean city, scott broom, 9 news now. >> thank you, scott. get the latest on our website at as earl makes its way towards the carolina coast, there is concern about the storm's impact. philip jones of our sister station wfmy is live in nagshead and he is getting a sense of how people are preparing for the storm and why some residents are being told to leave. philip? >> reporter: yes, good afternoon, jaycee. we're in nagshead on the outer banks but to the south,
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mandatory evacuation notices have been posted, beginning at 5:00 a.m. tourists in hyde county on ocracoke island, only accessible by ferry, were told they had to leave and began leaving this morning. a couple hours later this morning around 9:00, a mandatory evacuation notice was issue in their county for at the terrace island. visitors said they had to leave as well and a lot is over concerns about flooding on highway 12. north of those orders, no evacuations are in place and everything is then stride stride, despite the fact a major hurricane son the way, today has been a lazy day. >> until somebody tells me that we have to leave, we will stay. >> reporter: why where you stick around? >> it's vacation, glorious here. this is the best weather we have had in years so we're just
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really having a great time, doing nothing. >> reporter: they're having a great time but fire and rescue teams are not taking things so easy. these no swimming flags are posted around north carolina. people are being urged to stay out of the water. these wave heights are only going to get bigger as earl gets closer. businesses hope this evacuation notes are lifted in time for the very busy labor day weekend. >> thank you very much. that is philip jones reporting live from nagshead, north carolina. well, today marks the transition to the final phase of the iraqi war. now the remaining 50,000 americans are preparing iraqi security forces to protect the country on their own. vice president joe biden and defense secretary robert gates were in baghdad this morning to prepare for the change of command ceremony. that ceremony signals the formal end of american combat
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operations in iraq. this comes on the heels of president obama's address on the end of our war in that country. >> our combat mission is ending, but our commitment to iraq's future is not. >> the president also pushed iraqi leaders to come to an agreement and form a new government. but he promised that the united states just will not walk away, even after the iraqi government takes shape. police in anne arundel county are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting an 83-year-old woman. officers say that a man broke into the woman's home in glen bearny early monday morning and raped her. so far, police have made no arrests. they describe the suspect as a white male in his early 20s with a large build. he was last seen wearing a dark- colored scarf over his face. montgomery county police are looking for a rapist linked
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to two attacks on elderly women in germantown. officers are planning to go door-to-door today, handing out flyers and asking for the public's help. police believe that someone in this area knows the rapist. and they are hoping to go to the streets and find the man who robbed residents of their peace of mind. >> every night now, i check my doors and everything two or three times. i keep my blinds closed all day. i keep my blinds on my balcony closed. i'm not used to living that day. i don't like it. >> the suspect may live in the area or could be visiting. if you have information, call the montgomery county major crimes department. still to come on 9 news now at noon, virginians still can't get a driver's license or an identification card today. we'll have some information on
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when that might change when we come back. and another problem for metro prevents riders from buying the new discounted smart trip card. we'll have details when 9 news now continues. ss
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we are officially less than two weeks away from primary day in the district of columbia and just a few minutes ago, democratic candidates for mayor in d.c. kicked off another debate. it features mayor adrian centi
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and council chairman vincent gray. it's taking place at the new see yum and we will have full coverage coming up on 9 news now at 5:00. this school year will be the last for the school superintendent. she will retire at the end of the year. she's from fred and got her under graduate degree from tow send and began working for the district in 1976 and has been superintendent since four. we wish her well. we have a new "where you live site" at there are more than 508 local communities, and they have the news that matters to you. i'm actually in the web center with simon landeau, the producer of "where you live" and will show us exactly what we can find when we go to the site.
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this is news-breaking and very important to people in the metropolitan area. >> reporter: it is, very cool. we're excited to launch the project, 53 communities in d.c., maryland, virginia. you go to 9 news now website and you will see on the main page can where it says "where you live." you can click the "change" button and you will see the local virginia, maryland, and d.c. communities and when you see one that you live in, click right there. we'll go columbia heights because i live near columbia heights. i'll redirect you to the main page with all your local news and videos, blogs, and everything that you need to know, right there. >> now, it's important to let our viewers know that they actually can put information on this site. >> reporter: sure. >> if you belong to a religious temple or church or a community organization, a non- profit organization, a community organization, your school, you can go right to this site and put that
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information on. >> reporter: exactly. we're really trying to design these sites as your sites, your community sites. you will see there's a "send a tip" button so send your comments or tips. if you see us on the street, tell whoas is happen in your community because we want this to be a community forum- oriented site where everyone can get their neighborhood news. >> find out where the meetings are being held, the information about your community. it is so important. we need you to be involved. thank you, simon. >> reporter: thank you. coming up, howard has the forecast. >> steamy in the weather center. the allergens have come in. everything is moderate. we have a break. i want to show you the tropics because while we're talking earl, fiona is not a big storm and toward the leeward islands. earl is the focus with the weekend when 9 news now continues. fiber one chewy bar.
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metro's plan to cut the cost of the smart card in half is delayed. it was suppose to start last sunday but software issues prevented the change. metro now said it's not sure when the lower price will go into effect. the discount would allow riders
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to purchase the smart trip card for just $2.50. despite hopes to get back running today of the virginia dmv, it's still not able to process driver's licenses or identification cards. a crash at the virginia information technology agency has kept the dmv offline since last wednesday. and now the agency is not exactly sure when their computers will be up and running. hmm. >> yeah. hmm. howard is sure about -- >> up and running. >> -- hurricane earl. it's up and running. >> let's talk about a couple of things. this is missing us to the east in is not isabel and is not going west of the bay and as far as rain, we may not see any at all because of its eastern path. now, over at the beaches, clearly a different animal altogether. high wind, maybe 40 or 50 miles per hour. they will have waves, some
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beach erosion. last time i was at beth enemy, there wasn't a lot but we have to be concerned in the eastern part of north carolina. the outer banks will be very close to that eye. if this goes a little further west, it could hit the outer banks but right now we think it will stay offshore. let's get you going your forecast first on this warmth, a little sticky wednesday afternoon, 89 now, humidity come up a bit, around 94 for the high at 3:00 and then 6:00 p.m., sunny, hot, 91. if you had evening plans, ball game or something, yeah, it will be a little rough. air quality -- code orange, better than yesterday's code red. this afternoon, sunny, hot, not too humid, mid90 was winds at 10 miles per hour. clear and mild tonight. 60s and 70s, could be light fog, sunset at 7:38. and tomorrow will be another day, hot again but not as hot, low 90s so we're going to the
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right direction. south wind on the light side of 5 to 10 miles per hour. the heat is up and down the east coast. richmond, 92. atlantic city, 93. we sit at 89 with my 80s in the mound to ins -- mid-80s in the mountains. locally, 91 win chest we are 92 orange. fredericks burg, 93. pats river, 93. there is plenty enough heat and this will change because we have a front coming with the hurricane that will pass by. east-southeast wind bringing in a little more moisture so we're not as dry or pleasant. here's the change we're talking about. see the front in the midwest with the showers and storm. as this comes east, it will nudge earl just enough -- we believe -- that earl will have a glancing blow as oppose to a direct hit on the outer banks and this high pressure which has been hanging -- excuse me -- also get pushed out of the
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way. earl has been a problem, will be a problem, hurricane warnings are up for eastern north carolina. you can see a tropical storm warning from the inlet to cape fear. i don't know how to pronounce it. bogue. i'm saying "boeg." this is where we have the hurricane watches. this will be a tropical storm warning when all is said and done as the storm gets closer. there it is, a well-defined area of low pressure which with the eye and storm surrounding it, wind at 125 miles per hour moving west at 17 and only 730 miles from hatteras right now. it will approach hatteras friday morning. 7:00 friday morning, category three storm, 115 miles per hour. comes up and pass us, a little further east, but still, a category three storm so a lot of wave and wind action on the coast and this may get martha's vineyard friday night before pulling out into canada on saturday. so we'll be doing better once we get rid of earl.
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friday morning midday is the worst. don't cancel your weekend plans at the beach because it will be cooler saturday and sunday, low 80s. labor day, 88 and 90s on tuesday. stick around. we're in the kitchen when we return.
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you know, with the kid back in school, families are getting awfully busy and it's difficult to sometimes prepare a meal for your family. well, guess what? mrs. robinson will do it for you. nancy robinson is here with mrs. robinson cooks. she does catering. you want to have your child's lunch prepared every day or a lovely meal -- you know, you don't have to sweat in the kitchen. she'll do it for you. mrs. robinson cooks. but today she will share with us one of her menus and it's real simple. she said you can do this in ten minutes. i don't believe you. > [ laughing ] absolutely. >> ten minutes? so nice to have you. >> thank you. i'm glad to be here. with school schedules and work
12:26 pm
schedules, the key is to think about what is quick. you're going to want to cook quick cuts of meat. look at how thin these are. the thin-sliced chicken breasts. i used those. they cook two minutes per side. you will want to do pastas that cook quick. this is not the time of year to be doing a penne or rig tony. that takes so long to cook. this is orzo. >> i love that. >> it cooks quickly. for the lemon chicken -- the recipe is on the wusa website -- i use these thin chicken cutlets, make a very simple breading of breadcrumb. it's plain bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and salt, pepper, a little oregano. i dip each of these cutlets into a chicken broth and dredge in here and like i said, sautie two minutes a side and then after they are cooked, this is what they will look like and
12:27 pm
then you can make a sauce and in this case, lemon sauce. >> this looks like a sauce. how do you do -- because i love lemon chicken. how did you make the sauce? >> it's very simple. a little bit of corn starch. and chicken broth and you make a nice -- mixture here. you pour that in the pan with additional chicken broth and lemon juice. and it will thicken up but also is very flavorful. >> all right. and the orzo and broccoli. very simple so you can do the whole thing in ten minutes. and if you don't want to spend ten minutes, call mrs. robinson. she'll do it for you. the recipe is on thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you for being with us. come back and see us at 5:00. we'll have the latest on hurricane earl. have a great day. bye-bye. @owúúttxññ
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